Booking Process

Instant Book
Select your dates, time and pax and click on instant book to book an experience. A call automatically goes out to your host to inform them of your booking. If your host is unavailable, your booking will be cancelled within 24 hours and your refund automatically processed.
Host Notification
An automated call will be sent out to notify your hosts and a local on-demand Backstreet facilitator of your booking details.
Booking Confirmation
You will receive a booking confirmation with your pickup location address, map google maps link and a picture of the pickup location. A payment receipt will also be included.
On the day of your experience
Your facilitator (who translates for you) will pick you up at your hotel or specified pickup point and be with you for the entire experience.
How do we find these amazing people?
We work with hundreds of local NGOs, and other organizations to identify needy beneficiaries and we provide training and other support services to turn them into Super Backstreet Hosts for you to easily book online. train them and bring them online.
How do we connect you?
We build technologies specific to the BOP community. Your online bookings get dynamically translated into local language calls & SMSes, allowing even people who can’t speak English or use smartphones to host you.
How do we facilitate the actual Backstreet experience?
If your host can't speak English, a trained Backstreet community facilitator from local English / tourism schools or orphanage (who gets additional income and experience) will pick you up and translate the entire experience between you and your host, keeping the exchange completely authentic and yet easily accessible to you.