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Discover the best on demand travel experiences here! Simply browse, check availability and book! All backstreet hosts are local masters of their craft, offering only the most authentic and unique experience anywhere!

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Book an Experience and receive a confirmation within a few hours from your host! Or book instantly with Backstreet’s new instant confirmation feature. Then simply pay online with our secure payment gateway or by cash to your host.

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Experience the best of a city’s backstreets! With a local facilitator to translate for you while you explore the backstreets, you can’t get more authentic than that. Just show up at the pickup location at the time specified and we’ll take it from there!


For Travelers

You simply browse through the hundreds of curated experiences on the city you're visiting and book by sending a request to the host! Once a request is received, the host will confirm it with you within 24 hours (usually within 1-2 hours) and you will receive a link in your email to pay a booking deposit to secure your spot! Once you pay you will receive an email summary and you're good to go!

Simply turn up at the pickup location on the day of the course at the time you booked for and your host (or a facilitator) would pick you up. Facilitators are community translators who help to translate your experience with your host who cannot speak English. This is part of Backstreet Academy's Social Impact program to make our service accessible to people in poverty who cannot speak English or access technology, hence the translator. These activities are also a Backstreet Academy signature, famous for its uniqueness, hospitality and authenticity - hence you will see a 'Backstreet Experience' label on the top right of the course in the search. Courses without labels are by regular tour companies who will pick you up in with regular guides and buses.

If transport is provided for the course, simply wait at your hotel or the location you specified at when you made payment and similarly, your host (or a translator) will pick you up there! When being picked up you can then pay the balance of the fees to the facilitator who will distribute it to the hosts and transport operator. How would you recognise a translator? The standard Backstreet Academy attire is a white T-shirt/polo shirt together with a small item unique to the culture. For example, in Laos, the facilitators will be wearing white polo T-shirts with a piece of Lao silk scarf as an armband, while in Vietnam it would be white T-shirts with a red armband. The exact attire will be communicated in your email summary's pickup location link so that it will be easy for you to recognize your facilitators.

For Hosts

Create your own experience to host tourists! Simply go to list your course and input all the details required, including what your course is about, the price, location etc. Listing usually takes less than 30mins as experienced by most of our hosts. For more information and tips on what makes a good listing, check our listing tips for the best practices that will ensure you get the most traffic and bookings from guests! You can set your own price, location, group size and much more. We will collect a booking deposit from the guests when they book, and you will receive the balance which is paid by the guest in cash at the end of the experience.