This is what travel should be like,
every single time.

Backstreet Academy is a peer to peer travel platform for the most amazing experiences anywhere. Connecting with people when you travel is one of life’s most great experiences. Even better when you happen to meet someone with similar interests, or someone really devoted to his craft, like local fisherman who can show you his traditional fishing techniques or a chef who can teach you local cooking techniques and flavours. Language barriers and travel schedules make it almost impossible, but it doesn’t have to be. With Backstreet Academy, we make it as easy as a click.

Meet people you’ll never get to meet, do things you’ll never get to do, with the friendliest people.

We bring back the lost lustre of travel in the age of mass tourism. We bring back the lost human connection that we lost in our rush to see each and every attraction. We bring back the curiosity in traditions, skills and culture and not just in the form of looking, but by having an intimate, hands-on experience with a master of his craft. Travel different, travel the backstreets of the world and experience its wonders like never before. Sit down with a master and feel like an apprentice learning the great arts like in the Renaissance. Appreciate the wonders of the world, hands-on.

The only place with thousands of exclusive experiences in the community with their masters.

We are your personal bucket list company. All the things you wished you could do, all the people wished you could meet. Now as easy as a click. How do we do it? Here’s How.

Building Communities on the ground

We literally parachute into communities and sign them up personally. Our product team works and lives among our hosts to ensure only the best people are on the Backstreet network, and then we hone them to perfection with our training program.

Working directly with them intimately, you can be sure we get not only the best people, but impact them positively. We also work with local NGOs to ensure community buy-in and building on foundations.

Creating Backstreet Magic everywhere

This is where most of the Backstreet Magic gets made. Our secret labs create the most interesting experiences and trains everyone involved to live up to the high standards you hear about.

Have an idea? Let us know, many experiences have been crafted this way - by listening to our customers and executing it perfectly to bring it to life.

Meeting people you will never get to meet.

With language barriers and a lack of time to research, it is extremely difficult to meet locals doing things you are interested in. With Backstreet Academy, you can find anyone, whether they drive retro bicycles or live in an airstream trailer.

Holidays don’t have to be a boring exercise of checking off attractions anymore. More often than not, it’s that one connection you made that helps you remember the entire journey.

The Best Service, when you least expect it.

You may be visiting villages with little modern luxuries, but the Backstreet promise means you get 5-star service everytime, from the moment you book.

Experience the hospitality of people in the Backstreets, like what you see in the movies, wherever you go. We will fire rockets to make sure your experience is first class, no exceptions.