Merapi Sunrise Hiking Tour

Exploring the Foothills of Merapi

$29.00 per guest


  • Enjoy a refreshing morning hike amidst lush vegetation at the base of Mount Merapi
  • Catch the sunrise at the beginning of the hike
  • 100% personalized to your level of experience in hiking
  • Learn about the history of Merapi from your guide, a local resident of the mountain slopes
  • Opportunity to see some of the remains of past eruptions preserved for posterity

Inclusive of:

  • Professionally trained and experienced ranger/guide
  • National Park entrance fee
  • Breakfast and lunch
  • Pre-tour video screening of the safety protocols, the hike itself and a brief history of Merapi

Not Inclusive of:

  • Pick-up and drop-off service (can be included at additional cost)
  • Cost incurred during the hike
5 Out of 5
3 Reviews
Del Kyle South Africa
11 Aug, 2017

We booked over the phone the white bungalow plus a Merapi's sunrise trekking. First, the place is simple and has everyth...

Shana P Hong Kong
6 Jul, 2017

t's the perfect starting point for a trekking near Merapi Volcano. Christian is an inspiring person, having organized th...

$US 29.00 per guest
7 hours
1 - 10 guest
Cancellation Policy: Moderate

Full refund available for cancellations made up to 24 hours prior to booking start time.

More About This Experience

After numerous visits to Mount Merapi and the surrounding area, it has come to be one of our favorite places in Yogyakarta. First, the slopes of the mountain provide a cool and refreshing escape from the often hot and humid climate of the city. Second, while Yogyakarta's residents are claimed by most as being one of the warmest and friendliest people, the communities in the hills of Merapi take it up a notch and define hospitality and warmth on another level! You're instantly made to feel at home and taken care of as if one of their own. And finally, there is of course Mount Merapi itself - one never tires from seeing the majesty of her towering facade or awe at the her destructive powers. We've found that one of the best ways to appreciate Merapi is to go on a early morning hike through the lush green forests at the base of the mountain which is also pocketed with signs of the destruction caused by the eruption of 2010. We work with long time local residents of the town of Kaliurang and offer one of the most insightful and enjoyable morning of hiking. The tour starts at four in the morning where breakfast awaits. Breakfast is accompanied with a screening of an informative video and a presentation of the tour that helps set the context for the day. The hike while enjoyable, reveals so much more than meets the eye. Following a beautiful sunrise from atop one of the many hills, you will be taken through the history of Merapi itself, through the destruction and recovery efforts by the locals, through wild vegetation and cash crops that can be found in the jungles of Merapi and most interestingly, your host will share the myths and legends of Merapi and its significance to the Javanese people. All these elements of the tour come together quite harmoniously in this 5 hour hike. **Transportation is not included in the price. If you are not making your own way to the base site, you can choose to include transportation from the add-on section below. Guests making their own way to the starting base are expected to reach by 3:30 am. If you want to include transportation (private a/c vehicle), simply select the option the add on section below and we will pick you up at 3 am from your hotel. If however you choose to spend a night at Kaliurang, our host also offers rooms. Simply get to the location and you can pay for the rooms directly to your host, Mr Christian. Dorm rooms start at IDR 30,000, twin sharing rooms start at IDR 70,000+ Tour includes - National Park entrance fee - Breakfast and lunch - Professionally trained and experienced guide (all residents of Kaliurang) Note: - This is not a trek up to Merapi's crater - Guests should determine their physical fitness and only then and sign up for the hile - The tour's difficulty level is categorized: MEDIUM If hiking isn't really your thing, you have the option to do a bird watching tour instead which starts at 5 am and includes the same items as the hiking tour. Simply select the option from the add on section below.

Additional Information:

  • Pick-up location: Exact pick-up location address along with map direction will be sent to your email instantly after booking. Guests are expected to arrive at the pick-up location at 4:30 am
  • Guests can also choose to be picked up by selecting the 'Pick-up and drop-off service' from the add-on section. Our driver will then pick you up from your hotel in Yogyakarta and drop you back off onc
  • Alternately, guests can arrive the night before and spend the night at the host's guesthouse for an additional fee. The guesthouse is also where the tour starts from. Simply get to the location and yo
  • Breakfast and lunch is provided in the tour, however, we recommend preparing snacks/energy bars and water for the hike
  • As an alternative to hiking, guests can choose an option for bird watching which begins at 5 am. Simply select this option from the add-on section
  • This is not a trek up to Merapi's crater
  • The tour's difficulty level is categorized as: MEDIUM
  • Proper hiking shoes and full length trousers are highly recommended

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Your Local Host

Christian Awuy and team

Hello everyone, my name is Christian Awuy, a long time resident of Kaliurang. I have called the slopes of Merapi home for almost half my life and have offered this tour for the better part of 30 years. I run a smal...

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3 reviews from people who took this experience

Del Kyle South Africa
11 Aug, 2017

We booked over the phone the white bungalow plus a Merapi's sunrise trekking. First, the place is simple and has everything you need. Second, the food was way one of the best we had in Indonesia, incredible, ask for the special menu. Also, the trekking was quite an experience. The early morning started with a breakfast and a funny and interesting briefing about the volcano. Christian ha been part of the recent history of this volcano, wait for the movie. The trekking itself was tough and we would say that not for beginners. It's a really serious trekking, do not underestimate. The guides told us interesting stories about the volcano, the local beliefs. 5 hours up, 2 down. It's a must, it's majestic. When we were back we had a special recovery lunch, all included in the price (plus no stress when having to check out in overtime). We thank Christian and his family for this amazing experience. Hoping to repeat it again. Rita & Guillermo

Shana P Hong Kong
6 Jul, 2017

t's the perfect starting point for a trekking near Merapi Volcano. Christian is an inspiring person, having organized the trekking for approx 30 years, he has great knowledge on Merapi and the beauty/danger of same. Also his son, Adrian, who joined our group as a guide was very keen on sharing his stories with us and showing us fruits/herbs etc along the way. If you are in the area, take time for the Merapi trekking tour, you will not regret it - even if it's only for the breakfast offered after your walk ;)

Justine T Cambodia
21 Apr, 2016

We did not stay at the Hostel but reached there in the middle of the night for the 6h tour of the Merapi Volcano. The main guide Christian is 69, in a pretty good shape for his age. He gave us a good presentation speech of the hike, explaining the potential dangers and safety tips. We started at 5 am after a good breakfast, with a group of 14 people, Christian and his son. Very good hike, beautiful sunrise, a few stops here and there, up to the bunker and furthermore if conditions allow it, then we came back down. It's a good full 5h walk without the breaks. Some areas are a bit wilder than others with lots of bushes and trees to avoid but overall, very nice views and conditions. At the end, a nice lunch is served back at the hostel. Christian and his son are nice, they explain a lot and answer your questions and are very serious about safety, they know what they are talking about. Not to be missed, and very cheap !

US$ 29.00 per guest
3 Reviews