Prambanan Temple Tour

Guided Tour & Sunset Option

$14.00 per guest
Hosted by Mr Suriyadi


  • A professionally guided tour of Prambanan temple
  • Gain insight into Hindu influences in Java by our hand picked professional guides
  • Understand the beautifully carved bas-reliefs on the walls of the temple that illustrate the epic of the Ramayana
  • Explore the the largest Hindu temple in Indonesia. The towering temples dedicated to the three great Hindu divinities - Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma

Inclusive of:

  • Professional guided tour by one of our hand-picked guides
  • Guides fluent in multiple languages (English, French & German)

Not Inclusive of:

  • Entrance fee (IDR362,500)
  • Pick-up and drop-off service within Yogyakarta (can be included at additional cost)
  • Meals
5 Out of 5
7 Reviews
Krista Robertson
14 May, 2018

A breathtaking temple, and the bike tour after is very worth doing to get a feel for the lovely villages around it. Ind...

Charles Walton United States
9 Jan, 2018

Prambanan is a striking testament to our ancestor's ingenuity and dedication. Definitely worth a visit if you're into ru...

$US 14.00 per guest
1.5 hours
1 - 10 guest
Cancellation Policy: Moderate

Full refund available for cancellations made up to 24 hours prior to booking start time.

More About This Experience

A UNESCO World Heritage Site and the largest Hindu temple in Indonesia, Prambanan (and Borobudur among other temples) are a testament to the many religious influences Java underwent throughout its history. As a result one can't help but wonder the effect of this on the people of Java. Upon closer examination it becomes clearer that Javanese traditions and cultures are indeed a result of a mix of between Hindu, Buddhist and Islamic influences. Exploring the Prambanan complex gives one a better understanding particularly of the Hindu influences surrounding present day Java. Apart from it being an architectural masterpiece there are many lessons in both anthropology and history to be learnt from a guided tour of the Prambanan temple, thus we have prepared this guided tour to give more context to your visit, rather than leaving Prambanan with only a visual impression. There are many ways one could explore the temple complex of Prambanan and the nearby ruins of Ratu Boko's Palace. Whether you decide to do a quick stop over, or a guided tour or spend an entire day in the Prambanan area exploring the nearby villages and cottage industries, we have all the options available for you. We've put together this tour in partnership with a local resident and your host, Mr Suriyadi. A guide whom we have come to know closely, Mr Suriyadi and his team are the best people to show you Prambanan and the area. You can customize your tour by selecting various options from the add-on section

Additional Information:

  • Pick-up location: Guide will meet you at the ticketing booth for international visitors
  • If you have selected to be picked up at your hotel, please be at the hotel lobby or entrance of your accommodation 10 minutes before pick up time
  • Comfortable shoes are recommended as there will be a fair bit of walking
  • Sun hat, sunscreen and sunglasses are recommended
  • Water is provided upon purchase of ticket on the day of the tour. Bring extra if you will need more than 500ml
  • You can additionally include a guided tour of Ratu Boko and/or watch the Ramayana Ballet performance (select from the add-on section)
  • The Ramayana ballet is available only every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. The seat availability is upon pre-order with the following types: VIP, special, Class 1, and Class 2.

Upcoming availability

Sunday, August 25
Monday, August 26
Tuesday, August 27

Your Local Host

Mr Suriyadi

Hi, my name is Suriyadi, I am live a stone's throw away from the Prambanan temple complex and have lived here all my life. Growing up in such close proximity to the now UNESCO world heritage site has had a big infl...

More about the host

7 reviews from people who took this experience

Krista Robertson
14 May, 2018

A breathtaking temple, and the bike tour after is very worth doing to get a feel for the lovely villages around it. Indonesians touring the temple were incredibly friendly with 'selfies' and 'English interviews' being a fun addition to our visit. With our guide, we learned WAY more than we could have on our own, the walls came alive! I was so glad we did the tour and would highly recommend.

Charles Walton United States
9 Jan, 2018

Prambanan is a striking testament to our ancestor's ingenuity and dedication. Definitely worth a visit if you're into ruins/historical monuments. Rama was my host and shared some insight into the Hindu meanings behind the various statues and carvings. He also helped usher me through the site, as it got quite crowded (and hot). I then did the bicycle tour with Itu, which was incredible. Once she learned that I enjoyed food and cooking, she made sure to highlight all sorts of vegetables and spices being grown around us. We were constantly stopping to try a bit of an herb or sample some fruit. We also visited a Tempe-making shop and a rice mill. It was a casual ride and a great way to wind down after the temple.

Hannah Puga Senegal
2 Sep, 2017

One of the most interesting tours I have been on! The temple grounds were magnificent and my guide, Julia brought me to the most interesting spots, including the surrounding temples within the complex. It helped that she was also extremely attentive and knowledgable on the history of the place and she made the tour a very interesting and fun experience!

Jocelyn Wyatt Indonesia
6 Jul, 2017

Yulia gave me the tour of Prambanan Temple and we took a horse cart ride to the love temple nearby. I really enjoyed the tour - Yulia explained the history and significance of the temples and the statues and the horse cart ride was a fun way to see the surrounding community, rice paddies, mountains, and very quiet Buddhist temples that were nearby.

Christian Murray Netherlands
12 May, 2016

I booked the prambanan tour online through their website and found it very convinient to receive prompt email updates on my phone. The tour was organized well, the transportation a relief from the hot sun (aircon) and the guide, Mr Suriyadi was fun to hang out with. No compaints except, perhaps the tour could have included a visit to all three temples within the Prambanan complex. We visited only two of them. Otherwise, I am a satisfied customer and would recommend using their services if you're looking for reliable guided tours of the attractions. Shame I had already done my Borobudur visit with someone else.

US$ 14.00 per guest
7 Reviews