Javanese Cooking Class

At a Local's Home & Traditional Market Visit

$21.00 per guest
1 - 5 guests 4 hours 10:00
Hosted by Mimi and Endah


  • Expect all your senses to come alive as you explore a local market with your host
  • Learn to prepare and taste traditional Javanese dishes
  • Be welcomed into a warm and friendly atmosphere of your host's Joglo (traditional Javanese home)
  • Once your meals are prepared, sit with Mimi or Endah and enjoy your food over conversation amidst a beautiful traditional home
  • End the class with

Inclusive of:

  • Light welcome refreshments
  • Visit to a traditional local market (inclusive of transport)
  • All cooking equipment, ingredients and materials necessary
  • English speaking host
  • Choice of preferred dishes to cook from the menu provided

Not Inclusive of:

  • Hotel pickup and drop-off service
  • Alcoholic beverage
  • Recipe book (digital copy available upon request from host)
$US 21.00 per guest
Instant confirmation
1 - 5 guests
4 hours
Cancellation Policy: Moderate

Full refund available for cancellations made up to 48 hours prior to booking start time.

More About This Experience

Cities in Java has so much to offer in the way of rich culinary experiences. From that street food stall in a hidden-away corner of the city to that restaurant favorited by locals, the prospect of exploring the culinary range a city has to offer can be quite enticing and yet a tiny bit daunting with questions like, "where do I start, how do I communicate in a new language and is the food I am eating safe?'. What if you started your adventure with a passionate local housewife who could show you Javanese cuisine in its most authentic form? A perfect way to understand the cuisine as you visit the household of our local hosts, Mimi and Endah. The idea is to be able to take you behind the curtains and understand how locals masterfully create delicious dishes from simple ingredients. This cooking experience will also be accompanied by a visit to the local market, which we think will give any curious foodie the perfect start to a culinary adventure. Javanese households typically purchase fresh ingredients from the local market every morning, cook, and serve them in the afternoon for lunch with the family. Our tour will follow the same ritual where a local market visit will be followed by a cooking class in the kitchen of our hosts. Once you've done a cooking class in Yogyakarta, be it this one or any other, what you can be guaranteed of is that you will be armed with a better understanding of the local cuisine from which you can confidently explore other food experiences - be it in a humble family-run side cart on the streets or a fancy restaurant in a five-star hotel. Choose one item from each section and let us know your choice in the message section when you make a booking. The selection of dishes is per booking and not on an individual basis. Please also note the following letters for dietary restrictions: VT (Vegetarian-friendly), VG (Vegan-friendly), G (Gluten-free), P (Pescetarian-friendly) Vegetables / Soups : - Sayur Asem / Vegetables in tamarind soup (VT, VG, G, P) - Soto / Indonesian chicken soup (VT, VG, G, P: chicken broth is replaceable with mushroom broth) - Gudeg / Jack fruit brown sugar curry (VT, VG, G, P) - Sayur Daun Singkong / Cassava leaves in coconut milk (VT, VG, G, P) - Sayur Lodeh/ Vegetable cooked in coconut curry milk (VT, VG, G, P) - Sayur Bening / Vegetables clear soup (VT, VG, G, P) - Cah Kangkung / Javanese stir-fried water spinach (VT, VG, G, P) - Tumis Sayuran / Javanese stir-fried vegetables (VT, VG, G, P: with your own veggies preferences) Salads : - Gudangan / Cooked vegetables with grated coconut (VT, VG, G, P) - Plecing / Vegetables mixed with peanut and sambal (VT, VG, G, P) - Pecel / Mixed of boiled vegetables with peanut sauce dressing (VT, VG, G, P) - Salad Buah / Exotic fruit salad with yogurt (VT, VG, G, P) - Acar / Sweet and sour cucumber salad (VT, VG, G, P) - Gado Gado / Fresh & raw salad with peanut sauce (VT, VG, G, P) - Rujak / Fruit in soy sauce (VT, VG, G, P) Main Course : - Rendang / Spicy coconut beef or chicken (VT, VG, G, P: substitute beef or chicken with mushroom or jackfruit or fish) - Ayam Goreng Lengkuas / Galangal fried chicken (G) - Pepes Ikan / Javanese braised fish in banana leaves (VT, VG, G, P: replace fish with mushroom) - Ikan Masak Asam Mangga / Fish cooked with mango sour sauce (G, P) - Ikan Asin Masak Jagung / Salted fish with corn and chili (G, P) - Ayam Geprek / Smashed fried chicken with garlic sambal (G) - Ayam Bacem / Boiled chicken in palm sugar and black soy ketchup (G) - Garang Asem / Chicken in sour coconut milk sauce (G) - Serundeng Ayam / Shredded chicken with baked coconut topping (G) - Sup Ikan / Javanese fish soup (thin/thick) (G, P) Part of Main Course (Side Dish): - Tahu Isi / Stuffed soybean cake (VT, VG, G, P) - Tempe Garit / Fried soybean curd (VT, VG, G, P) - Tempe Mendoan / Fried fermented soybean cake (VT, VG, G, P) - Tempe & Tahu Bacem / Fermented soybean cake & tofu boiled with soy sauce and palm sugar (VT, VG, G, P) - Sambal / Indonesian chili paste with flavor, choices: matah/dabu-dabu/garlic/tomatoes/tempe/anchovies/fermented shrimp paste, etc. (VT, VG, G, P) - Bakwan Jagung / Corn fritter (VT, VG, P) - Bakmi Goreng / Javanese fried noodles (VT, VG, P)

Additional Information:

  • Pick-up location: Exact pick-up location address along with map direction will be sent to your email instantly after booking
  • To be at the meeting point 10 minutes before the booking time
  • Don't forget to send us your choice of preferred dishes from the menu provided. Only one set (comprising of 4 dishes) can be chosen per booking
  • Loose fitting trousers because your host is going to feed you well ;)
  • Be sure to bring an appetite!

Cancellation Policy: Moderate

Full refund available for cancellations made up to 48 hours prior to booking start time.


The pick-up location address will be sent to your email immediately upon booking.

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Hi, my name is Mimi, mother of two handsome sons! I love cooking for my family, there's always that one special ingredient that I put an extra dose of into any dish I cook for my family, and that ingredient is lov...

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