Wherever you are around in Asia, Backstreet is committed to the safest experiences for both travelers and hosts alike. That means setting the strictest safety standards possible, then working hard to improve them every day. The specifics vary depending on what each city permits, but within each city we operate, we aim to do our very best to ensure your comfort and security.

Essentially, from the moment you make a booking till the experience is over, all activities at Backstreet are designed from ground up with your safety in mind. Taking responsibility for your personal safety when traveling is important. And it's just as important when you're experiencing something new with a host in the city you are visiting. We take your safety seriously. So should you. In addition we also encourage you to sign up for traveler's insurance as Backstreet does not offer traveler’s insurance for guests. However, traveler's insurance is a relatively affordable option that can protect you in case of an injury or emergency on a trip. Some policies even cover lost baggage and travel delays. Check with your local insurance provider for details on your options.

Strict curation by our team

Before an activity is open for travellers to book, we trial the activity ourselves keeping in mind any potential hazards that could arise – be it the location or the tools/ingredients that will be used in the duration of the content. Rest assured, all our activities have been carefully curated and designed by the program managers with in the various cities we're in. You can also refer to the reviews from other guests of the content you are interested in to ensure you’re comfortable.

Enjoy every experience mindfully

We encourage you to read the descriptions thoroughly. It's a good idea to read everything about the activity, the amenities, the difficulty level, meeting points, and if anything is to be prepared before the activity starts so there won’t be any surprises. Make sure you understand the cancellation policy before submitting a booking request too.

Educate yourself about the cultural and religious differences in the places you visit. Gender roles and cultural expectations differ widely across the globe and factor into what’s acceptable and what isn’t when at the host’s location.

Our facilitators are here to help

These are representatives of Backstreet who have been vetted and trained by our respective city offices in matters of communication and safety. (Facilitators will only be provided for Hosts who do not speak English). Not only are they your guide and translator, but in addition we have provided them with the necessary information (nearest hospital and emergency numbers) should your safety be compromised during an content with our hosts.

For further information pertaining to safety issues please email us at support@backstreetacademy.com or call our office in whichever city you are interested in visiting.

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