The Unseen Cambodia Tour

An Unforgettable Day in the Countryside

$48.00 per guest


  • Become a local for a day––pound rice at a community motor pestle, catch fish and crabs in the nearby streams, eat home-cooked feasts, play traditional games, and more!
  • Discover the authentic charm of the Khmer countryside in a full day interactive tour
  • Interact with your host, an active community builder, who will share his hopes and dreams for his students, community and country
  • Feel a sense of fulfillment after experiencing a meaningful yet fun day trip of Cambodia's countryside
  • Enjoy lush panoramic views of the countryside

Inclusive of:

  • Pick-up and Drop-off service within Siem Reap
  • English speaking guide
  • Traditional local lunch prepared for you
  • Bottled water

Not Inclusive of:

  • Gratuites (Optional)
  • Other personal expenses
5 Out of 5
46 Reviews
Julie Harris France
19 May, 2019

This was the highlight of our visit to Siem Reap and our whole trip to Cambodia! And that's saying a lot - given how muc...

Brandy Ben-Yosef
7 Apr, 2019

This was a very important addition to our short Cambodia experience. It was an eye opening taste of rural Vambodian life...

$US 48.00 per guest
5 hours
1 - 15 guest
Cancellation Policy: Moderate

Full refund available for cancellations made up to 24 hours prior to booking start time.

More About This Experience

The tour you see before you today was born as a result of the amazing hospitality of our host, Mr Sophean and the spontaneity of our local team. While on a recent visit to Kouk Doung Village, 16 km from Siem Reap, to learn and try our hands at traditional rice husking methods, we found ourselves having the most amazing unplanned day out in the village. There was nothing that prepared us for the richness of the experience at Kouk Doung. The idea of getting out of Siem Reap and into the countryside might not be appealing to most as the comfort and familiarity of the main town holds us back. However, there is a certain quintessential element about exploring the Cambodian countryside - an experience few indulge in but one that surely everyone would find great appreciation for. After all, it is how most Cambodians live - in tight-knit farming communities as the one we found in Kouk Doung. We encourage everyone to get out into the countryside, if not this particular tour, try another, but go. And you will easily see why the charm and beauty of the countryside is as appealing as the rest of Cambodia's attractions. The best part is, you don't have to go far, a 30 minutes drive from the main town will get you well into the countryside. For this tour, we have an interesting itinerary prepared which guests can choose to customize. From learning about the significance of rice husking with a pestle to fishing and hunting crabs in the streams that water the fields - there is just an abundance of things to do and see. You will have ample opportunities to interact with the locals and have loads of fun along the way. The host himself is an active community builder - having started a private school for underprivileged children and revived and introduced traditional rice husking methods to the community. He will delight as he shows you his village in this personal, intimate journey into the heart of the country. Itinerary (flexible) 9:00 AM - 9:30 AM: Pickup from hotel and transfer to Kuok Doung 9:30 AM - 10:20 AM: Traditional fishing and hunting crabs 10:30 AM-11:15 AM: Traditional rice husking activity 11:15 AM - 12:00 PM: Rice Farming/ Rice Harvesting (seasonal) 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM: Lunch prepared at the host's house 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM: Tour the village to see local life and visit the handicraft market 2: 15 PM - 2:45 PM: Transfer back to hotel

Additional Information:

  • Pick-up and drop-off service is included in this tour. You will be asked to enter your pick up address upon checkout
  • Recommended to bring: Camera, sunscreen, sunhat/cap, sunglasses, extra set of clothes
  • Recommended to wear: Comfortable clothes and shoes/sandals
  • This is a kid friendly activity
  • Kindly indicate your dietary requirements upon checkout
  • This activity is not recommended for guest with walking disability, heart problem or other related medical conditions
  • Note: Timing of the tour could vary if guests have a particular interest in a certain activity and spend longer on it. The itinerary laid out in the description is a rough guide only

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Your Local Host

KoukDong Community

Kuok Doung Community team is the young group of students from Kouk Doung village. We have a idea to help our commune to get more income from our natural resource by creating the idea for tourists to visit our commu...

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46 reviews from people who took this experience

Julie Harris France
19 May, 2019

This was the highlight of our visit to Siem Reap and our whole trip to Cambodia! And that's saying a lot - given how much we loved Angkor Wat. This experience was so authentic. Sophean gave so much of his time and energy sharing his community with us - speaking of Cambodia's history and current affairs, showing us how to treat/prepare rice, hunting crabs with us, weaving baskets and showing us his schools. My family has not stopped talking about this experience and we continue to share it with others in France. If you want to have a taste of what life is really like in Cambodia, if you are at all interested in an authentic experience, if you want to be inspired and lifted by someone doing his very best for his community (and meet his students whose English is amazing!), then this is by far the experience for you. We were so moved by our day with Sophean that we are planning to return!

Brandy Ben-Yosef
7 Apr, 2019

This was a very important addition to our short Cambodia experience. It was an eye opening taste of rural Vambodian life as well as being lots of fun.

Kit L Malaysia
15 Jan, 2019

An authentic experience - the Unseen Cambodia One of the highlights of my short getaway: experiencing local village lifestyle, thanks to Backstreet Academy's recommendation and collaboration with the KuokDong Village Community. Yukheng - the Backstreet rep I communicated with - was responsive with the info I needed to know, what more on short notice. Thanks Yukheng! Back to the day trip (8am-3pm, door to door) we were treated to a fun yet education experience of village life: had the chance to try catching/digging for local produce (for our awesome lunch), rice millilng, rattan weaving and interacting with the village kids who were having their English language lessons (it was a week day when we went for our day trip). We commend our host, Sophean, and his team for taking good care of us. He was engaging, hospitable and knowledgeable - his own stories of growing up in his own country added to the authenticity.

Lai Kit Looi
14 Jan, 2019

Overall - authentic, education, fun, inspiring. Sophean our host shared the past, present and future of his nation. His own stories of growing up in the village added to the authenticity. Thanks to Sophean and his team - we had a foretaste of local village life - catching local produce from the pond, rice milling and rattan weaving. The homemade lunch was awesome. All local ingredients (presumably the pineapple too:)). We also had a chance to interact with the village kids who attend English lessons at the English language centre (licensed by the local government to operate). Those who opt for this during the hot & dry season - have a pair of slippers with you so it'll be easy for you to get in and out of the pond easily. Shorts and t-shirt wear will be ideal too. Sophean provides bottled water and straw hats. Thanks and keep up the great work - Backstreet Academy , Sophean and team.

Elke S Brazil
21 Nov, 2018

Copper Wire Bracelet with Mrs. Chanra We enjoyed our time with Mrs. Chanra making beautiful cooper wire bracelets. Not only did we gain a new skill, we also learned lots about the local rural lifestyle and cultures of Cambodia. It This experience elevated our trip to Camodia to another level. Thank You Backstreet Academy for making the connection!

US$ 48.00 per guest
46 Reviews