Batik Workshop (Nepali Style) with Ram

$24.00 per guest
1 - 5 guests 5.5 hours 11:00
Hosted by Uttam Pariyar
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1 - 5 guests
5.5 hours
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Originating as an art form in Java, Indonesia, the batik tradition has been adopted by several other countries in Asia such as China, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, India and Nepal. In Indonesian tradition, the various batik designs can have symbolic interpretations - they even have designs that can only be worn by royalty. In it's adapted forms in other countries though, it's mainly valued for the aesthetics and the unique wax and dye method with which the patterns are made. Uttam's take on batik has a bit of shortcut involved and a piece can generally be completed within a few hours. The difference is that while traditional batik requires several layers of waxing and dyeing the cloth, Uttam replaces dyeing with painting thus simplifying the process and cutting down the time required by several hours. This course begins with you selecting your own design and outlining it on the piece of cloth (which will essentially be your canvas) that will be provided to you. With the outlines complete, you will then start with putting the wax on the borders of your design. This will be followed by painting your design after which you will have to let the semi-wet cloth to dry for about 20 minutes. Once dry, Uttam will provide you with a hot iron to remove the wax. Removing the wax can be bit of a pain, but once the wax is off and you see your design in all its splendour, trust us, it's totally worth it! *Note: This is not the wearable batiks like the ones in Indonesia. This is more a piece of art/painting which is more decorative in nature, adapted to the Nepali culture, although the creation process is inspired by the Indonesians.

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Cancellation Policy: Moderate

Full refund available for cancellations made up to 48 hours prior to booking start time.


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Uttam Pariyar

Uttam began his career in Batik by teaching himself the art over 25 years ago. Batik as an art form has captivated him ever since.Over time, he's had the opportunity to teach his skills to various nationalities and...

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US$ 24.00 5.5 hrs 11:00
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