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Unique Experiences in Backstreet Academy Siem Reap

From Angkor Wat to Ta Phrom and Bayon temple, millions flock to Siem Reap yearly, but few actually venture beyond the usual things to do in Siem Reap out to explore the hidden charms of the backstreets while travelling in Siem Reap. Make your travel in Siem Reap more meaningful with Backstreet Academy's unique experiences with locals.  

From stone carving with local artisans who worked on Angkor's restoration to a boxing class with the grandmaster of cambodian boxing, Backstreet Academy's unique experiences gives you an intimate perspective to Siem Reap's people, culture and heritage beyond the temples. Make your trip to Siem Reap more unique with our Meaningful Travel Experiences and you will find that you have collected a memory so special and unique compared to the other thousands who venture through Siem Reap the normal way. Don't just take our word for it, see what others who have come through the academy say about us at Tripadvisor!

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Latest Reviews

Bronwyn Stathakis
Bronwyn Stathakis 22 Apr, 2019
United Kingdom

Copper Bracelet Workshop

I spent a lovely couple of hours making my copper bracelet under the guidance of the tutor, There are no pattern stamps ...

Bruce Duncan
Bruce Duncan 22 Apr, 2019

Copper Bracelet Workshop

This was a very hands on activity

Palash Gupta
Palash Gupta 22 Apr, 2019

Cocktail Workshop Siem Reap

The group got along really well, the setting was comfortable and the activity was fun.

Natalie Chan
Natalie Chan 19 Apr, 2019
Hong Kong

Spoon Painting Workshop

Great fun! Even I’m just a beginner. Also, there were plenty of choices for your painting!

Kay Choudary
Kay Choudary 19 Apr, 2019
United Kingdom

Spoon Painting Workshop

It was one on one. Techniques were taught and I actually feel my my painting was acceptable enough to display. It was wr...

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