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Things to do in Cebu

The oldest city in the Philippines, Cebu is also where the modern history of the Philippines as we know it today first began with the landing of European explorers in the 15th century. In addition to the main island of Cebu itself the province itself is also surrounded by 167 islands and islets, some of which have isolated white sand beaches and under the radar diving spots that are as good as any around the world. After Metro Manila, Cebu has the highest number of arrivals of travellers in the Philippines and serves as the regional hub becuase it has easy access to islands like Bohol where the chocolate hills are, Malapascua with some of the best diving spots, Oslob where you can swim with whale sharks and the world famous beaches of Boracay.

When you're in the Philippines and looking for things to do in Cebu and the surrounding islands then we've got it all. From serving up the best Lecon in Cebu, making amplified bamboo speaker, perfecting the Filipino martial arts of Eskrima to exploring street food vendors that only locals have access to. :) We guarantee that in addition to her magnificent beaches and churches, Cebuanos has so much more to offer to travelers so come and let's discover the magic of Cebu through the backstreets of this beautiful island. 

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Latest Reviews

Cheeze Romano
Cheeze Romano20 Mar, 2019
United States

Street Food Tour

Our Street Food Tour was the Highlight of our trip in Cebu City. All the Varieties of food we sampled was an adventure ...

Aiselade Dionisio
Aiselade Dionisio15 Mar, 2019

Street Food Tour

I cannot highly recommend the street food tour in Cebu City enough! It's a definite MUST if you travel here. I'm a filip...

Catherine Mendoza

Street Food Tour

The best way to spend a couple of hours if you enjoy walking around the area and trying authentic street food that local...

Kenneth Karunia
Kenneth Karunia1 Mar, 2019

Street Food Tour

Authentic local food experience

Trang Nguyen
Trang Nguyen5 Feb, 2019

Street Food Tour

The food tour was great! We were able to try a number of food that was new to us. It was nice to see what the locals eat...

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