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I love my laptop bag!

I love my laptop bag!

by Nugs in Siem Reap

I came across the Tripadvisor reviews for Backstreet Academy so decided to have a relaxing day with the horse riding and cement bag courses. Both places were extremely accommodating, especially in light of my sprained ankle. Both of these were great fun and I really enjoyed the experience that both offered.
I had Chey as my horse riding guide - he had great English and was giving a commentary of the area whilst walking past rice paddies, lotus flower ponds and local homes. The horses were well looked after and the owner is enabling these guys (and girls!) skills and experience they would not have. For USD28, it was much better than a ride in Sydney. I even got to start trotting and cantering! The only downer was when we arrived back to the property. Chey's horse was spooked by something, which affected my horse. When Chey went to open the gate wider, my horse decided he'd have enough and started to canter straight at the gate. My right knee copped a flogging on the metal gate but managed to calm the horse down afterwards. There'll be a massive bruise tomorrow!

I love my laptop bag from the cement bag course - although I would attribute it more to my instructor's guidance, not my (lack of) inner seamstress. It was a relaxing way to pass the afternoon and get to know the ladies (and guy!). Nothing too uneventful or strenuous with this course!

If I was staying longer, I would have booked in more courses for things such as Cambodian cooking and cocktails :)

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