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  • You can call it the Airbnb of unusual travel experiences. But that wouldn’t really do this social enterprise justice.

    Ann Field, Forbes

  • Finding unforgettable, only-in-a-foreign-country experiences just got a lot easier.

    Chadner Navarro, Conde Nast

  • I cooked and ate water buffalo brains, A Newari specialty, with my host Purna. Happy they were delicious!

    Emma Thompson, National Geographic

  • In 3.5 years of travel, I don't think I've come across a concept that's impressed me as much as Backstreet Academy.

    Arianwen Morris, Most fearless Travel Blogger at

This is what travel should be like, every single time.

Backstreet Academy

Backstreet Academy is about uncovering the best experiences to you, wherever you go. It’s about traveling different, creating unique memories through meeting amazing people dedicated to their craft and learning from them. It helps to forge a magical connection between two people who otherwise never have a chance to meet, and create a unique memory.

Backstreet Academy is for people tired with mass market travel, disillusioned at throngs of tourists chipping away the real cultural value of a place and who long a human connection with the values, skills and traditions of the past. Whether it is fishing with traditional techniques, crafting bows, cooking insects, you can rest assured the Backstreets have them all. Let’s make travel the way it should be. Travel the Backstreets.

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