Hmong Bamboo Bow Crafting

With Veteran Hunter

$21.00 per guest
Hosted by Siaye Lee


  • Experience crafting a bamboo bow with a Hmong Village Elder
  • Try out using traditional tools
  • Learn how to load and shoot bamboo bows and have a shooting competition with your host
  • Bring home your own disassembled bamboo bow
  • Learn to craft your own bamboo arrows

Inclusive of:

  • Entire experience and all tools and materials you need
  • English Speaking Facilitator
  • A fully functional bamboo bow and some bamboo arrows to bring home
  • Pickup & Dropoff service by tuktuk from your hotel

Not Inclusive of:

  • Food & Water
4.8 Out of 5
9 Reviews
James Ward United States
12 Jul, 2019

I had no idea the precision required and bow making

Holly C Laos
11 Jan, 2018

We had 2 tours with backstreet academies. Both our guides were fabulous and very informative on life in Laos. We learnt ...

$US 21.00 per guest
2 hours
1 - 8 guest
Cancellation Policy: Moderate

Full refund available for cancellations made up to 24 hours prior to booking start time.

More About This Experience

A relic these days even in the villages, the Hmong Bamboo bow struck fear in people's hearts more than 200 years ago when they were still widely used by the Hmong people who shot them from horsebacks. Today they largely fulfil ceremonial functions and are widely used at the annual games during the Hmong new year. Besides the villagers and young Hmong boys looking to impress their female counterparts during the festivals, few know how to shoot it properly, and even fewer know how to craft this masterpiece. Chai song is one of the old veteran hunters who still retains that knowledge at age 86. Using young bamboo of a certain age, special tree bark and chicken's fur, he is able to build the most classic and original bamboo bow the Hmong people used in wars and hunting. Learn directly from the master in an intimate session on how to craft these amazing contraption, shoot it under his guidance and see if you can best him in archery! Note: Bring your own bottled water

Additional Information:

  • Pick up will be via a tuktuk
  • Journey time from Luang Prabang to the weaving village is around 10-20mins
  • There might be other people on the same experience
  • Bring a raincoat or umbrella if it's rainy season (May to Oct)
  • You will be able to bring the bamboo bow home if you disassemble it and pack it into your check-in luggage

Upcoming availability

Sunday, July 21
Monday, July 22
Tuesday, July 23

Your Local Host

Siaye Lee

Siaye is 65 years old now and used to live very high up on the mountain, about 4 hours walk from the nearest road. Making bird traps is something that he loves to do after working in the farm and he is willing to t...

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9 reviews from people who took this experience

James Ward United States
12 Jul, 2019

I had no idea the precision required and bow making

Holly C Laos
11 Jan, 2018

We had 2 tours with backstreet academies. Both our guides were fabulous and very informative on life in Laos. We learnt how to basket weave and also crafted bow and arrow, but most of all we had sneak peak at real life, how much these families love and care for each other and saw the physicalities of life are tough. But very calm and contented people! Back st academies is partially set up to assist young students to practice their english, congratulations to your initiative and great tours!

Kristen Taylor Laos
12 Sep, 2017

These bamboo bows are light and elegant. It's really a wonderful thing to learn and great afternoon of it. Highly recommend.

Arianwen Morris United Kingdom
12 Jan, 2016

In 3.5 years of travel, I don't think I've come across a concept that's impressed me as much as Backstreet Academy. Their experiences enable you to interact with locals at their homes while learning traditional skills. Many of the crafts workshops give you the chance to try things you've never done before, and you often get to come away with a really impressive souvenir. I did FIVE experiences organised into just a day and a half. The first day I started with knife making, then Hmong bamboo bow making with an 85-year-old man who said I was the first female he'd ever taught the craft to. I got to practice shooting the bows at a target and I came away with a bow and arrow and a crossbow! Next up was rice wine making. The family were really welcoming and, since there's a bit of waiting around for things to cook, we naturally passed the time sipping some wine they'd made earlier through bamboo straws. I rounded up day one with the Fear Factor Food tour, where I had my first taste of grilled dog, undercooked goat with its skin still attached, testicle soup, colon, chicken feet, chicken hearts, duck egg foetus and some intestines stuffed with excrement! If the thought of any of those things turns your stomach, it's ok, because you'll get a side sauce of bile to flavour it... My saviour was the Beer Lao, which I used to chase those chewy morsels that just wouldn't go down! My final experience was a 5-hour wood carving session. I made a small elephant, with a lot of help and guidance from my host. It turned out great and will make a fantastic gift when I get home. You have the option of making a base for the elephant, and you can add text if you like, so if you do this course, think about what you might want (names, dates, or short messages). While everything about these experiences was amazing, I have to give a shout out to Huelee and Oun, who were stuck with me for almost 12 hours on my first day. They were the most entertaining and informative guides I think I've ever had. By the end of the day, I felt like I was out at dinner with two new friends rather than on an organised tour by myself with guides. They were very modest about their skills too. Oun is still studying at college, working for Backstreet Academy part time and doing shifts in a restaurant in the evenings. I don't know how he finds time to sleep, but he was really energetic, talkative and enthusiastic. His English (and his accent) are brilliant too. I hope he fulfils his ambition to be a full-time tour guide because he'd be the best! Thanks so much Backstreet Academy. I'll definitely be checking out more workshops as I travel through Asia. My only concern is how to carry all the amazing things I've made!

US$ 21.00 per guest
9 Reviews