• You can call it the Airbnb of unusual travel experiences. But that wouldn’t really do this social enterprise justice.

    Ann Field, Forbes

  • Finding unforgettable, only-in-a-foreign-country experiences just got a lot easier.

    Chadner Navarro, Conde Nast

  • I cooked and ate water buffalo brains, A Newari specialty, with my host Purna. Happy they were delicious!

    Chadner Navarro, Conde Nast

  • In 3.5 years of travel, I don't think I've come across a concept that's impressed me as much as Backstreet Academy.

This is what travel should be like, every single time.

Meet people you’ll never get to meet, do things you’ll never get to do, with the friendliest people.

What is Backstreet Academy?

Backstreet Academy is a peer to peer travel platfrom for the most amazing experiences anywhere. Connecting with people when you travel is one of life’s greatest experiences. Even better when you happen to meet someone with similar interests, or someone really devoted to his craft, like local fisherman who can show you his traditional fishing techniques or a chef who can teach you secret native cooking techniques and introduce you to the flavours of the land. Language barriers and travel schedules make it almost impossible, but it doesn’t have to be. With Backstreet Academy, we make it as easy as a click to experience the best, everywhere..

We bring back the lost lustre of travel in the age of mass tourism. We bring back the lost human connection that we lost in our rush to see each and every attraction. We bring back the curiosity in traditions, skills and culture and not just in the form of looking, but by having an intimate, hands-on experience with a master of his craft. Travel different, travel the backstreets of the world and experience its wonders like never before. Sit down with a master, take time to understand how things are made and feel like an apprentice learning the great arts exactly like how it used to be in the Renaissance Age. Appreciate the wonders of the world, hands-on.

How it works

  • Pick a Backstreet

    From over 10 countries and 40 cities

  • Pick an activity

    Get confirmation & Pay a deposit

  • Get Picked up!

    At pick-up point or at your hotel

  • Fascinating to see how it was created, definitely recommend this, with something to show at the end!

    - Linda C

  • We had so much fun with the grandmaster & befriended the whole club who all compete professionally!

    - Kate Ortenzi

  • My 8 yr olds learning to craft crossbows with 85 yr old Hmong Hunter. Fantastic cultural exchange!

    - Kelly P

  • It’s amazing to go fishing with a local,see how they live & learn from them while making an impact

    - Carl Polen