Things to do in Cebu at night

In addition to her magnificent beaches and churches, Cebu offers a wide variety of great nightlife. You can find plenty of bars, nightclubs, pubs, and restaurants that cater to any budget and preference! So where to go on your night out in Cebu? Here are 10 options for the best things to do in Cebu at night! 

  1. Eat at Larsian

PHOTO CREDIT: likealocalguide

If you are hungry for some cheap but very tasty food, Larsian is the place to be! There are a huge amount of BBQ options but also plenty of other choices. Whatever your preference, this food heaven is sure to satisfy your cravings! We do have to warn you, you might find yourself devouring yet another delicious chorizo de Cebu, piece of grilled chicken, fish, squid etc.. until you are so full, you are out there burping with the rest of us! A lot of people might say that if you are on a romantic date or in a new relationship you might want to go for another option. However, I feel that if you and your guy/girl can enjoy Larsian together (and still like each other after), you know he/she is a keeper!

  1. La Vie Parisienne


Not yet ready to take the risk of taking your girl/guy to Larsian? Then you might want to give La Vie Parisienne a try. It has reasonably priced food and a huge selection of wines. As you might be able to tell from the name, it is French inspired and the ambiance (to use a french word) is magnificent. Although La Vie Parisienne is open during the day we suggest you go at night because it will give you the most magical experience! If this won’t win him/her over, we don’t know what will.

  1. Marshalls Irish Pub

PHOTO CREDIT: Marshalls Irish Pub

Date didn’t work out? Go to Marshalls Irish Pub and forget all about it! You may have missed happy hour (4pm to 7pm) but you might still be able to catch some great live music! Marshalls Irish Pub is a great place to hang out with friends and have a few (maybe one too many) beers or cocktails!

If you have not eaten yet this is also a great place to grab a bite, the quality of the food is good and the portions are huge!  

  1. 22nd Comedy Bar

22 comedyPHOTO CREDIT: 22nd St. Comedy Bar

If you are looking for great entertainment and a laugh, this place has the funniest acts in Cebu! They have regular stand up comedian, comedienne but also invite live bands to come and play some great music.

  1. Burger Joint

PHOTO CREDIT: Burger Joint

Sometimes you don’t feel like going through the trouble of having an extensive dinner and you just want to eat a really nice burger. Don’t worry, we have got you covered! For fast food, Burger Joint is the place to be!

This place was founded in 2000 by a group of hungry friends looking for great burgers. And now, 18 years later, they are still going strong, serving delicious burgers and onion rings to die for!

  1. IT Park

IT parkPHOTO CREDIT: Cebu IT park

I can imagine you thinking.. “Hmm IT Park?! Wasn’t this a post about things to do at night in Cebu?” Well, yes it is! It might not be top of your list (yet) but going to the Cebu I.T. Park is actually really nice at night! It is a mix between Asian architectural warmth, well maintained landscape and efficient Western functionality and there are great restaurant for you to give a try, like The Pyramid or  Hawaiian Restaurant Shaka!

  1. Trivia Night at Politics Cafe

PHOTO CREDIT: Politics Cafe

You can go to Politics Cafe on any night for the good food, nice staff or great music. But our favorite night, by far, is Thursday night also known as Trivia Night!! With categories like “smell a rat” and “sticky situations” this is a guarantee for a fun night out in Cebu!

  1. K1 Family KTV

ktvPHOTO CREDIT: Ateliers Musique

If you have been to the Philippines you know you cannot leave without spending the night singing in a Karaoke bar! Going out in Cebu you can find that K1 Family KTV is a great place to get your groove on and sing the night away.. No songs are off limit!

  1. Top’s Lookout

PHOTO CREDIT: Anne’s escapades

Tops Lookout Cebu is the perfect place to unwind and take a short break away from the busy city noise. Looking at this magnificent scenery you will feel relaxed instantly! Be sure to take a bit of money when you go because admission to the lookout is at 100 pesos. Also, you might want to buy some snacks or drinks from one of the vendors.

We suggest to go here during the late afternoon so you can see the breathtaking sunset! An even better option would be to go Landscape Painting from the Top of Cebu there during the day (really nice to do) and then stay for the sunset!

  1. Liv Super Club

    Liv's supperclub

PHOTO CREDIT: Liv Supper Club

We cannot make a list of things to do in Cebu at night and not include a nightclub! We chose Liv Supper Club. From the picture you might already see why… it is THE place to dance and party!

The atmosphere is great! The club is huge and has a very mixed crowd, from locals to foreigners and from straight to LGBT, everyone is welcome, as long as you stick to the dress code (so no sleeveless shirt for guys, and no flip flops). Liv Supper Club is the perfect crazy, last night out in Cebu!

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