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Travel is one of the world’s biggest industries at over US$7.6 Trillion dollars. Yet, it is no secret how little of it actually flows down to the local communities who need it the most. Estimates say tourism leakage can be more than 80% of total revenue, but in many developing countries it can be even worse.

The Vision
What if we could change that?! What if people can do good as they travel, simply by enjoying unique and meaningful local-crafted experiences? Imagine if up to 80% of revenue goes directly to local communities, what a difference it would make!

Become a Backstreet Ambassador and help make this happen!

Our style of Impact Travel
We focus on alleviating poverty & preserving traditional heritage by empowering people at the Bottom of the Pyramid (BoP) to become micro-entrepreneurs who run their own unique travel experiences for travelers. We develop technologies translating online bookings into local language calls and SMSes catered for people at the BoP who can’t speak English or access smartphones, effectively turning their disadvantages in terms of language, education, rural traditions into advantages in the eyes of travelers. Here’s an article by one of our guests on how we managed to turn the disadvantages of a 90 year old minority elder into his advantage. Many of them are thus to increase their monthly income 2-3 times, move themselves out of poverty while preserving traditional heritage.

Whether it is fishing with a hospitable fisherman in his boat-house or making knives with the local blacksmith. we have over 1,300 unique experiences in 8 countries and 40 cities. Through running Backstreet Experiences, many of our hosts are able to increase their monthly income 2-3 times simply by running experiences 1-2 times a week while at the same time preserving the traditional heritage for future generations.

The Backstreet Ambassadors Program
We started the Backstreet Ambassadors Program because creating a movement is difficult, making it mainstream is even harder. And movements do not succeed without the help of individuals influencing those around them. It is the collective power that makes a movement successful and create lasting impact. As an influencer, you are in a unique position to help make this a reality. With your support, we can gradually change the industry and get people in tune with the concept of impact travel and help bring it mainstream!

How can you benefit from the program?
Be an instrumental part of the impact travel movement and make the world a better place!

But also:
– Be part of an exclusive mailing list with updates and regular freebie giveaways
– Get 10% commission with our affiliate program on all referral traffic (or donate it to the host)
– Free Backstreet Experiences for you in cities where we have a presence (feel free to bring along a friend)
– A short feature on our site with your profile and a link to your website/blog
– Exclusive Access to try out new Backstreet Experiences
– Free local dinner experiences or other perks from our local social enterprise partners such as free performances, drinks and discounts
– Freebie giveaways for your followers/readers including hotel stays, flights and Backstreet Experiences
– Invitation to international travel conferences (Seasonal)
– Invitation for paid writing work from our partners such as Airlines, OTAs, magazines and more (Seasonal)

What do you have to do?
It’s really simple! Just have fun trying out our complimentary Backstreet Experiences and/or our partners’ activities and write about them through your blog, social media accounts or in-person at events.

Other Background Information?
Interested to know more? Catch our 4min documentary by Our Better World or National Geographic. Or check out what others such as BBC Travel, CNN, The Guardian write about us on our press page here.

Join now! 
Convinced to lend a hand? Become a Backstreet Ambassador for Impact Travel today, help bring impact travel mainstream and put a meaningful dent in reducing poverty while having unique, meaningful and intimate experiences with locals! Apply here to fill out a simple form and we’ll get in touch!

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