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    Yogyakarta Tours and Day TripsFrom traditional to modern places to visit, Yogyakarta offers many options. Wherever you choose, there is always a generous Local Host that can accompany you to do some fun activities. This city provides you a great adventure and also a lot of places to relax. Here’s a great list of Yogyakarta tour and day trips to help you get the most out of this cultural heritage city of Indonesia. 1. Cof...Read More
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    Yogyakarta Tours & DaytripsWhen you are on the Indonesian Island of Java you cannot miss the vibrant city called Yogyakarta (or Jogjakarta or Jogja or Yogya)! Anywhere you are in Yogya, you are always surrounded by art. From people making batik to traditional gamelan music to one of the many gorgeous street art pieces. The beauty of the city never ceases to amaze you. It is a lovable student city where modernity and traditi....Read More
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    A 4 day Yogyakarta ItineraryHow to spend 4 days in and around Yogyakarta Ohh nooo, so many options! Yogyakarta has many amazing places to explore within the city, but it is also a great place to use as a base for tours and daytrips a bit further out. You could easily spend a month here and do something new every day! However since most of us don’t have that time, we made an example of a 4 day Yogyakarta itinerary. If there...Read More
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    Things to do in YogyakartaBorobudur Sunrise Photo Credit : satunusanews.com  Take a look at the greatness of the 9th century Mahayana Buddhist temple, see the beautiful sunrise from the top of Borobudur or watch the celebration of Waisak filled with light lanterns in Borobudur. Candi Borobudur decorated with 2672 relief panels and 504 Buddha Statues, unfortunately, some of these panels and statues were damaged by natural ...Read More
  • The Backstreet Guide to the 5 best bars in Yogyakarta (jogja...Yogyakarta, for all its deep cultural links to Javanese traditions, its close ties to the Sultanate and a large Muslim population has somewhat of a controlled bar scene. Nonetheless, it is not without a vibrant nightlife or completely lacking in bars of every personality. It can however be a challenge to find one that suits your taste. Live band? Quite and calm? Funky? Hipster? Yogyakarta has i...Read More