• hanoi activities
    Hanoi ActivitiesHanoi, The Bustling capital of Vietnam with French colonial buildings, retaining its charm and beauty. Amidst the flurry of motorbikes and throngs of tourists in the old quarters, there are surprisingly many nooks and crannies within Hanoi’s backstreets that will delight you. If you have done the top Hanoi attractions and are looking for a different Hanoi travel experience or a more authenti...Read More
  • Imperial City of Thang Long - Things to do in Hanoi
    Things to do in Hanoi“Why,” you might wonder, “should I visit Hanoi? What are the best things to do in Hanoi?” Well, Hanoi is often called the city of a thousand lakes with hundreds of historic buildings that still stand majestic today.  Its meandering backstreets coupled with the bustling life along its wide boulevards make for a lively, interesting and fun trip, provided you are adventurous enough! Whether ...Read More
  • 5 Off the beaten track experiences in Hanoi1. Mai Chau Located a mere 3 hour drive from Hanoi, Mai Chau is one of those rare places in Vietnam that still retains its natural charm – in both its scenic beauty and in the warmth and easy-going character of the locals. Accommodation here is mostly run by ethnic minority families who have worked and lived off the land for generations. Stilt houses purpose built to give tourists a ‘...Read More
  • Hanoi Street Food: 7 of the most unknown treasures tourists ...Street food is a quintessential Hanoian experience. If you’ve arrived in Hanoi without a clue as to what to expect from the city, one of the first impressions that stands out is its vibrant street food culture. You will certainly find yourself curious to pockets of locals seated on low stools on the sidewalks dedicated to something delicious. But you might find yourself walking right past, u...Read More
  • Vietnamese Banh Cuon
    9 Best Vietnamese Street Food ExperiencesOutside Vietnam, when people talk about Vietnamese food, it’s simply Pho, ‘the sandwich’ and maybe if you’re lucky, Vietnamese Coffee gets a mention. But food in Vietnam is so so much more than that! In the land of noodle soups, there are probably hundreds of variations of Pho, and even the same type of Pho can be wildly different in each district. Wherever in Vietnam you g...Read More
  • Vietnamese Coffee Roast
    Vietnamese Coffee 101 – A Guide to Vietnamese CoffeeIf you’re visiting Vietnam for the first time, you have to try Vietnamese coffee. It is unlike any other you have tried, anywhere else in the world, i promise. The Basics Coffee was introduced to Vietnam by the French colonialists in the 1800s and grew rapidly to become the 2nd most exported commodity in Vietnam, second only to rice. Coffee production in Vietnam is mostly made up of Robusta ...Read More
  • Halong Bay Cruise: 5 Things You Should Know Before BookingIf you’re planning a trip to Hanoi then chances are you have Halong Bay in your itinerary too. In fact, we would even say that Halong Bay is a must if you’re in Hanoi. The best way to experience this magnificent bay is on a cruise in one of the many traditional junks. Often times travellers don’t have adequate information prior to making a booking so here are 5 things you should know before ...Read More