• Chiang Mai Scenery
    Chiang Mai Tours and Day TripsDay Trips and Tours to do from Chiang Mai When you are visiting Thailand make sure you do not pass up its Northern jewel, Chiang Mai! The things to do in Chiang Mai are diverse and aplenty for all travelers. Centuries-old golden temples (the city has over 300!), rich culture, tradition and tons of things to do in Chiang Mai make it a destination where you could easily spend a year. Whether you are...Read More
  • Chiang Mai Meditation
    Things to do in Chiang MaiMy favorite Chiang Mai activities To help you make a decision on what things to do in Chiang Mai I wrote down some of my favorite activities and how I experienced them. If you’re looking for something intimate, local and cultural (and like workshops) make sure you check out this list of things to do in Chiang Mai! 1. Silversmith Workshop (at a temple) Me at the silversmith workshop: “So, I...Read More
  • Woo Gallery - Best Cafes in Chiang Mai by Backstreet Academy
    8 Best Cafes and Coffee in Chiang MaiChiang Mai is a chill-out jewel of the North, with a manageable population, enough space to go around and a great many interesting things to do to keep you occupied for days. It also draws in the largest expat population attracted to the quiet yet well-equipped environment for doing digital nomad work, with great working spaces, affordable accommodation and of course amazing cafes whipping up our ...Read More