• Your First Backstreet ExperienceReady for your first Backstreet Experience? An experience with Backstreet Academy is unlike any other. It’s part sustainable travel, part airbnb experience, part community based tourism. Your host is not a professional tour guide, so don’t expect polished english and history commentary! What you can expect is genuine warmth from a local who is extremely grateful for you visiting his co...Read More
  • hanoi activities
    Hanoi ActivitiesHanoi, The Bustling capital of Vietnam with French colonial buildings, retaining its charm and beauty. Amidst the flurry of motorbikes and throngs of tourists in the old quarters, there are surprisingly many nooks and crannies within Hanoi’s backstreets that will delight you. If you have done the top Hanoi attractions and are looking for a different Hanoi travel experience or a more authenti...Read More
  • things to do in Kathmandu
    Things to do in KathmanduA lot of people visit Nepal for trekking. Which is understandable because chances are, you will experience one of the highlights of your life there, both figuratively and literally! Standing at the highest point of your trek, looking around at that gorgeous view; the mountain, even bigger than you imagined. Breathing in that fresh mountain air. All your agony and tiredness disappears. You don’t ...Read More
  • Borobodur
    Yogyakarta Tours and Day TripsFrom traditional to modern places to visit, Yogyakarta offers many options. Wherever you choose, there is always a generous Local Host that can accompany you to do some fun activities. This city provides you a great adventure and also a lot of places to relax. Here’s a great list of Yogyakarta tour and day trips to help you get the most out of this cultural heritage city of Indonesia. 1. Cof...Read More
  • cambodia bull countryside
    Things to do in CambodiaA lot of people go to Cambodia and just stay here for a few days, they go to Angkor Wat, the killing fields and then move on to Vietnam, Laos or Thailand to spend more time there. Honestly, they are missing out! So far I have spent about 2,5 months in Cambodia and I am not even close to grasping the beauty and the culture of this country! If you are planning a trip to Southeast Asia right now, I w...Read More
  • luang-prabang-tours and day trips
    Luang Prabang Tours and Day TripsTo help you decide on which Luang Prabang Tours and Day Trips to go on, we have put together a list of our personal favorites. This list will provide you with off the beaten track, local and authentic experiences! 1. Luang Prabang Rice Farming Experience Not on many people’s list (yet), but one that you will definitely look back on with great pleasure is this rice farming experience. The Living ...Read More
  • Chiang Mai Scenery
    Chiang Mai Tours and Day TripsDay Trips and Tours to do from Chiang Mai When you are visiting Thailand make sure you do not pass up its Northern jewel, Chiang Mai! The things to do in Chiang Mai are diverse and aplenty for all travelers. Centuries-old golden temples (the city has over 300!), rich culture, tradition and tons of things to do in Chiang Mai make it a destination where you could easily spend a year. Whether you are...Read More