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Hoi An is an atmospheric UNESCO town where time seems to stand still with the warm glow of giant paper lanterns keeping it company. Beautiful little houses on cobblestone streets bring an eclectic feel when you are just walking through the town, which is easily traversed by foot or bicycle. Looking extremely welcoming, there was no way to access one of these houses, unless they’ve been redeveloped into a boutique hotel. However, with the advent of Airbnb, homeowners began opening their doors and welcoming tourists with open arms. You might think a hotel will always trump peer-to-peer stuff in South-East Asia. But we say, not if you actually get to lay your hands on one of these 5 crazy beautiful Airbnbs in Hoi An!

1. Charming Villa in Hoi An

Charming villa in Hoi An

Charming villa in Hoi An

This is one charming villa indeed. With 3 bedrooms, huge kitchens, living rooms all designed with a classy mix of traditional Vietnamese Architecture and a modern look, it can accommodate up to an entire party of 9! It even comes with its own pool between 2 striking buildings to chill out in the hot Vietnamese Sun.

This comes at a more prohibitive price tag of $200+, but if you have a party of 6, that comes down to just $20-30 per person, which will only get you a dinghy hotel in the tourist area. Doesn’t this option look all the more attractive now?

2. Villa Hoa Khe

Spacious General living space with modern touches

Spacious General living space with modern touches

Another villa well-designed with both traditional touches and modern conveniences. I loved the greenery surrounding the house in the courtyard and the warm light emanating from within. The multi-coloured quilt in the traditional bedroom looks so friendly and comforting! The perfect accompaniment to a cultural adventure like Fishing with an old local or a farming experience with locals.

3. Beachfront Villa

Ginormous Outdoor Lounging Area

Ginormous Outdoor Lounging Area


This one takes the cake for us. This villa is not only beachfront, it has so many lounging areas you feel like you’re on Necker Island with Sir Richard Branson! Ok still a little far from that, but it is creme de la creme in Hoi An. Accommodating up to 6 people with its 3 bedrooms, it has nice little touches like mosaic tiles, a multitude of traditional and sophisticated furniture as well as a breezy and spacious layout.

Absolutely the place to host an entire group of weary travelers for a great recharge session and of course, a mega party in tranquil Hoi An!


4. Garden View Room

The atmospheric living lounge

The atmospheric living lounge

Lanterns are the most handy tool in Hoi An for sprucing up any living space. The lounge in this garden villa immediately turns into a welcoming space that makes you want to while your entire afternoon away in the comfortable mandarin chairs. The clean look and well maintained interior of the rooms won it for us, coupled with its proximity to the beach and a huge backyard full of swaying palm trees, who could ask for more?

5. Tropical luxurious House

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Intricate textured wooden floors and high ceilings

This tropical luxurious house is the one for you if you have a fantasy of living like an Emperor. It comes with your very own imperial stone bridge where you can simulate walking to one of your concubine’s villas for a secret rendezvous, a personal koi pond for pondering your empire’s key issues and sip tea in a traditional setting complete with old wooden furniture and exquisite paintings!

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Akash has been living and working in Southeast Asia for the last two years building a business in travel and tech. He typically finds himself eating too much in the places he is in.