Backstreet Academy is a marketplace which empowers anyone to create a unique travel experience. Locals who are amazing at what they do create one-of-a-kind tours or activities that you’ll not get anywhere else. We also believe in connecting with locals when you travel, as that is the best way to take in the culture of a city and human connections are what’s most memorable when you travel.

We have created this blog as a repository for all the knowledge and experience we have accumulated over the years working in the backstreets of cities in Southeast Asia. Believe it or not, but we literally parachute into the little towns and villages and start sniffing out people and chatting random villagers up with a translator on tow. One leads to another and occasionally we’ve found an entire village of masters who have been practising their craft for centuries, that’s when we know we’ve struck gold! Also in this process of discovering our hosts, we’ve also gotten to know these cities and towns on an intimate level to the point where we’ve even been assigned local nicknames. 🙂

So whether it’s the personal stories of truly amazing locals like master blacksmith Mr.Phan in Luang Prabang or locations of secret cafes in Hanoi that serve the ultimate egg coffee to tales of travellers who have passed through our academies all over Southeast Asia, we will endeavour to share it all.