Airbnb has come a long way since its early days to become a default accommodation option for most travelers today. The site offers an incredible collection of places to stay around the world, however, the pleasant experience of finding homely places to stay can turn dreadful when the pages on the site start resembling what one would find on a hotel booking site like Southeast Asian countries are rife with such listings, Vietnam in particular. Much like the difficulty one faces navigating the traffic in Vietnam, one must sift through the endless hotels and guesthouses offering their services. Its a painful process to say the least. And lets face it, travel planning can be quite stressful as it is. That being said, we’ve done all the work for you Airbnb zealots visiting Vietnam. Here are 5 epic listings in Vietnam that are so popular, you probably can’t stay in them because they’re fully booked throughout the year.

1. French Colonial Style Apartment – Hanoi

This listing in the heart of Hanoi’s Old Quarter exemplifies the old and new Vietnam. Housed in a French colonial building with tastefully done interiors, this place is truly a gem in Hanoi. Run by a friendly Airbnb Superhost, the reviews left by guests stretch for miles acknowledging the warm Vietnamese hospitality and the charming French Colonial Style architecture. It combines the best of the historical ambiance, traditional hospitality and modern amenities.

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It’s yours for $59 a night.

2. Old Typical Hanoian House – Hanoi

Those looking to introduce a little time travel into their vacations might consider this charming traditional Hanoian house. The place has been neatly done up while still keeping the old grace of the house alive. Exposed brick walls, recycled wooden furniture and whitewashed walls all add to the historical and traditional charm of the place. A highly sought after listing, its extremely difficult to find any availability throughout the year. Be sure to book early.

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You can book this place for just $24 a night.

3. Beautifully Designed Studio – Ho Chi Minh City

Around the world, Airbnb host’s are known for their design sensibilities and attention to details. This listing in the heart of Ho Cho Minh City exemplifies just that, and then some more. This beautiful modern loft offers any traveler the order amidst the chaos of Ho Chi Minh City. And to top of the gorgeous looking apartment, the hosts are incredibly friendly and helpful – earning them the title of Airbnb Superhost. If you find yourself in Ho Chi Minh City, consider booking this apartment.

Price tag – $55 a night.

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4. Tonkin Bungalow – Hoi An

Picture it : After sun bathing all day in the beaches of An Bang in Hoi An, you come home to this wooden beach bungalow to relax – pretty sweet eh? A guest even goes so far as to describe this place as an ‘indochine dream’, in other words, kick-ass! So it should be a no-brainer that travelers on their way to Hoi An should look up this place, or else stop complaining as to how far the beach is from the main town. 😉

You can have that bed for $80 a night.

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5. Bungalow in the Green – Mui Ne

More like, seaside bungalow in the green. Situated right by the beach, this beach-side retreat comes with a lush spacious garden. If you are planning on a trip to Mui Ne, there could be be no greater place to stay. Seriously, we’ve looked. The host is also pleasant and mentioned in the reviews as ‘attentive’ and ‘helpful right from the start’.

This retreat will set you back a mere $20 a night.

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Akash has been living and working in Southeast Asia for the last two years building a business in travel and tech. He typically finds himself eating too much in the places he is in.