Unknown to most, Cebu is a province consisting of 167 island and islets with Cebu being the main island with Cebu City as its capital. It is likely that if you’re planning on visiting the Philippines then it is as a diving trip, but you should know that the geography that this province has led the Cebuanos to identify themselves as island people, one of the “chillest” people you will meet in the Philippines. They like to spend their time in the beach, relaxing with their beach-perfect music and drinks. So in addition to your scuba dives, try and take some time out to visit the beaches in and around Cebu. We’ve compiled here the 5 best beaches in Cebu where Cebuano beach bums like to visit.

1. Sugar Beach, Bantayan Island

If you’ve been to Boracay and found yourself frowning upon the the crowd and the development wishing that there is the same place with less crowd and unspoiled by development. Well, Cebu has just what you’re looking for. Imagine that long stretch of sugar-fine white sand, a sparsely populated beach and open cottages. Yes, folks, that is the Sugar beach in Bantayan Island. This beach is under the management of Sugar Beach Resort and open to general public. There are a few types of rooms offered but take note that there is no restaurant. What you can do is visit the market which is a walking distance from the beach to fill up your basket for a picnic at the beach.


Bantayan Island – flickrchic

2. Santiago Bay, Camotes Island

If you want to escape the City and just enjoy a white sand beach with beautiful clear, blue waters your favourite cocktail drink in hand, then Santiago Bay is for you. Don’t miss out on enjoying a lazy day on this beach and don’t forget to wait for the sunset! Camotes is also a home to a few caves which have swimming lagoons inside them. So, if you find yourself having a little more time in your hands after visiting Santiago bay, discover Camotes’ other riches and mingle with the locals.

Santiago, Camotes

Santiago Beach – coolmars

3. Malapascua Island

Can you imagine yourself sitting under a coconut tree drinking pina colada after a day of swimming? We don’t have to guess the answer. So take a trip to Logon Beach in Malapascua Island and have this kind of day. Malapascua Island is home to the Thresher sharks which attract the divers from all over the world. Not only does it attract diver but anyone who would just like to enjoy a gorgeous beach with warm clear waters.

Malapascua coral

Diving around Malapascua – arunkatiyar

4. Kalanggaman Island

Measuring about 2 km in circumference, the best feature of this tiny island is the signature sand bar! Honestly, we’ve yet to see one more picturesque than the one on Kalanggaman. If you stay away from weekends and other public holidays in the Philippines, then chances are you’ll pretty much have the whole island to yourself 🙂 Note that to get to Kalanggaman you’ll have to catch a ferry from Malapascua or Leyte Island. This is also a nice spot for barbecues.


Sandbar of Kalanggaman

5. Moalboal, Cebu

Crystal clear waters, 1-kilometer stretch of white sand, and local eateries. These are what await you in Bas Daku beach on Moalboal. So bring that new swimsuit you bought for this summer and show it off as you walk along this long stretch of white sand beach. Moalboal is also a popular place for snorkelling and there are always a “banka” (pump boats) ready for rent to bring you to these beautiful snorkelling areas.

Malapascua beach

White sand beaches – mattkieffer

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