Thai Cooking Class

$30.00per guest
Hosted by Sompong Thai
$US 30.00 per guest
4 hours
1 - 20 guest
Cancellation Policy: Moderate

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As part of our course instruction we visit a local market to learn about local exotic fruits and vegetables. There is always an abundance of new things to see. With us, you will find that we use only the freshest ingredients purchased on the same day that we use them. Further, our cooking areas and utensils are kept well cleaned and are sanitized daily. Our cooking instructor will skilfully demonstrate methods and steps of Thai cookery from ingredient preparations to the actual cooking. Class participants will be encouraged to undertake the task of grounding pastes, chopping up meat and vegetables, stir-frying, deep-frying and stewing food and finally proudly taste the most delicious dishes they have ever cooked. We hope that you will join our family and start a cooking tradition of your own, which you can pass along to your friends and relatives. Our Daily Menus MONDAY: Chicken green curry 'kang-khiaa-wan-kai'. Home made green curry paste 'nam-prik-kang-khiaa-wan'. Stir fried chicken with cashew nut 'kai-phad-met-mauang-him-ma-pan'. Thai spicy mixed friuts salad 'tam-pon-la-mai'. Egg custard in pumpkin 'sang-ka-yar-fak-thawng'. TUESDAY: Chuu chee curry with prawns 'chuu-chee-kung'. Home made red curry paste 'num-prik-kang-phed'. Chicken galangal in coconut milk soup 'tam-kha-kai' Pomelo Salad 'Yum-Som-O'. Mango with sticky rice 'khow-neuw-ma-muang'. WEDNESDAY: Panaeng chicken curry 'panaeng-kai'. Home made panaeng curry paste 'num-phrik-kaeng-panaeng'. Thai papaya salad 'som-tam-Thai'. Fried noodle Thai style 'phad-thai'. Golden banana in syrup 'kluay-kai-chrum'. THURSDAY: Chicken yellow curry 'kang-ka-re-kai'. Home made yellow curry paste 'nam-prik-kang-ka-re'. Spicy prawns with lemongrass salad 'yum-ta-krai-kung'. Fried noodle with soya sauce with chicken 'phad-se-ew'. Mango Sticky rice 'khow-neuw-ma-muang'. FRIDAY: Chicken mussaman curry 'kang-mussaman'. Home made mussaman curry 'nam-prik-kang-mussaman'. Chicken fried rice 'khao-phat-kai'. Spicy prawns soup 'tom-yum-kung'. Golden pumpkin in coconut milk 'fak-thawng-kang-buat'. SATURDAY: Prawns curry with pineapples 'kang-kau-sup-pa-rod'. Home made red curry paste 'nam-prik-kang-phed'. Stir fried spicy chicken 'phet-ka-prow-kai'. Spicy Thai omlett with herbs salad 'yum-kai-sa mun-pri'. Mango with sticky rice 'khow-neuw-ma-muang'. SUNDAY: Chicken red curry 'kang-phed-kai'. Home made red curry paste 'nam-prik-kang-phed'. Stir fried prawns with tamarind 'kung-phat-sauce-mak-haam'. Northern chicken spicy salad 'laab-kai'. Mango with sticky rice 'khow-neuw-ma-muang'.


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Sompong Thai offers you an opportunity to learn how to cook real Thai food in a traditional Thai setting, with skilled and friendly teachers who can impart the secrets of Thai cooking to you in a fun atmosphere. Ou...

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